I’ve always been artistically inclined: One of my early works was A Study in Blue Pen, drawn on the canvas of my bedroom wall. Fortunately, my later efforts were met with more enthusiasm. My career has been one creative endeavor after another, including print design and layout, digital art, photography, information architecture, web design and site building. Can’t-sit-still-creative impulses prompted me and fellow xarker and award-winning journalist Dan Conover to found Xarktopia, LLC, a sort of Swiss Army knife of media expertise. We offer a comprehensive and eclectic portfolio of skills, and since our start in 2010, we’ve garnered an impressive list of clients, including national and international businesses, large and small companies and nonprofits.  We travel and work remotely and are happy to customize our work to your needs.

I design T-shirts, business cards, logos and calendars, and I also do real-world art with paint, broken glass, dried flowers and leaves, dyes, fabric paints, beads, wire, feathers and almost anything else that stays still for too long. You can find some of my designs at Guerrilla Muse on Cafepress and I’m always open to commissioned projects.

Thanks for your interest and you are welcome to send me a note at janet@xarktopia.com. Enjoy!